Fit Teen

Fit Teen

Free workouts for teens ages 12 - 17

Available 7 days per week, from 9am to 4pm.

Participating teens will have full club access with the following exceptions: tanning, Hot Yoga, Group Power and certain free weights & machines.
We are looking forward to taking part in our teens’ approach to health and fitness.

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To sign up: Please Print the Agreement and Waiver and bring them when you come in with Guardian/Parent to a Motion Fitness location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does at least one Parent of the teen have to be a member? Or can a parent register their teen and their friends?
Parent/Guardians do not have to be Motion Fitness members. Teens need to have their own Parent/Guardian register them and also come in with their Parent/Guardian to the club to sign up.

My teen is a current member; can I place his/her membership on hold to participate in this program?
Yes, teens can place their membership on hold however it is important to note that there are limited hours and club access, teens must abide by these rules for the duration of July and August.

My teen is turning 18 halfway through the program; can he/she still join?
Yes. Teens must be 17 upon registration. If they are turning 18 during the program time frame, they are able to participate.

My teen is turning 12 halfway through the program; can he/she still join?
Yes but will not be able to join until he/she is turned 12.

My teen was a part of this program prior does he/she need to register again?
Yes, teens must go through the same registration process as well as the orientation again

Why is Yoga, tanning, sauna and some machines not part of the free teen summer membership?
Due to health and safety, it is recommended that teens under the age of 17 do not take part in the above programs/amenities.

Why is there only specific times that my teen can do there orientation and why do I have to register for one time
We have set times for our trainers/instructor to run the orientation. Will run about 2/3 orientations, per day!

How long is the orientation?
The orientation will be about 1 hour.

What happens after orientation?
Teen will receive their key tag and will have their picture taken. They can start working out July 1st.

Will my teen be able to ask questions while working out
For sure, Front desk as well as a trainer will be able to answer all the questions that may occur

Which Group Fitness Classes will the teen be able to attend?
You can attend all classes like Blast, Centergy, Zumba, Groove, Kick and Physique. Group Power is a class which you cannot attend.

My teen would like to sign up for a membership after August can he/she do that?
Yes they can sign up for a membership as long as they are 14 years of age or older. If 12 or 13 they will have to be supervised at all times by a parent/guardian.

Will they have to pay a join fee?
Yes they will have to pay a join fee but it will be a reduced join fee. See the front desk for details.

Program Details

General Information
  • Free teen membership for ages 12 – 17 only
  • Membership term: July 1 – August 31; all teen memberships expire on August 31
  • Membership includes use of most club areas at all locations during these hours: 7 days a week 9am-4pm with last check-in at 3:00pm.
  • Parent or legal guardian must enroll Teen Member and provide proof of age.
  • Teen Members will receive their membership card at the end of orientation session
  • Maximum workout time for Teen Members is 2 hours per day
Dress Code for Teen Members
  • Running Shoes
  • Shorts (will have to be longer shorts) or exercise pants
  • T-shirts (must have sleeves, no tank tops)
Not included in your Teen Membership
  • Certain free weights/machines – will be informed of these during orientation
  • Sauna/Steam Room
  • Yoga
  • Some group exercise classes
Club Etiquette
  • To enter the club, scan your membership card at the front desk
  • Cell phone use is not permitted in the change rooms, locker rooms, or while using any equipment – so leave these in your bag or at home
  • We ask that all members allow others to work in-between sets and share equipment
  • Please do not drop or bang weights
  • Please wipe off equipment after each use with spray cleaners and towels provided
  • Please put all equipment back after use
  • Workout time is for fun, results, safety and effectiveness
  • Workout time is designated for workouts not hang outs
Breaking of the rules will result in removal from the gym, and not being able to return.


Thank you letter from a student
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