Kirianna Crowe

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““Quit hiding your magic. The world is ready for you.” 
– Danielle Doby”

Kirianna Crowe

An Okotoks local, Kirianna graduated from HTA. When she took a year off to globally volunteer before pursuing sciences at UBC, she discovered her passion to help others.

Playing varsity rugby at UBC gave her ample experience with athletic conditioning until multiple injuries put her on the sidelines and inspired her to become a personal trainer. She worked at Steve Nash Fitness World in Vancouver as well at with UBC athletics while getting her degree until she moved back to her hometown. She competed in October 2015 at ABBA’s Muscle Beach bodybuilding competition, placing 2nd in her bikini class and qualifying her for provincials in June.

With her passion for fitness, food, and science-based facts Kirianna loves every aspect of helping others with their health goals. Whether it’s weightlifting, losing weight, metabolic adaptation, injury rehabilitation, or flexible dieting, she strives to find the most scientifically-proven facts in order to help everyone succeed with their individual goals. She also believes that as a personal trainer and nutritional therapist, it is her duty to create workout and nutrition plans that are both enjoyable and sustainable in the long-term without demonizing food groups.

Kirianna believes that to live a truly healthy life, one must be able to balance their vegetables, self-love, and ice cream all at the same time!
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • HSA Certified Nutritional Therapist
  • BSc. Applied Biology; Mn. Nutritional Sciences
  • CPR/First Aid
  • ABBA Bikini competitor
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